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09-Feb-2016 11:24
Advantages of SMS marketing
  • The personal nature of mobile phones make SMS marketing a very powerful tool.

  • Most people take their mobile phones everywhere - meaning they can be effective for time sensitive messages.

  • People tend to read virtually every text they get - unlike junk mail, spam or adverts which can be ignored.

  • Potential disadvantages of SMS marketing

  • Your message has to be short - you do not have much space to get your message across.

  • People respond negatively to unwanted texts. Make sure you have their permission to send them texts and that your SMS marketing complies with privacy and data protection rules.

  • People are wary of responding to SMS messages due to an increase in fraudulent messages. Under the E-commerce Regulations, you are required to make it clear who the message is from and commercial communications must be clearly recognisable as such. For more information on the E-commerce Regulations, see our guide on e-commerce and the law.

You will need to employ a mobile phone agency to send out the texts for you. Companies tend to price their services by packages – so check their delivery rates,
try before you buy, and make sure the support services are satisfactory. You can also brand your messages so you send messages from your company name, not just your
number, while the development of 3G (third generation) and smartphones, which have larger screens and can play music and video clips, has also made multimedia messaging service (known as MMS) possible.

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