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Inbox: Advanced Inbox Settings

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by Paddy Green
in Documentation

24-Oct-2014 00:00


There's a lot you can do with incoming messages in TextGoto - you can forward incoming messages to your email address, to your own phone, and you can send automatic replies... but that's just the beginning!

You can find out more about incoming routes and how to add inboxes here.

To set your inbox options, simply select one of your inboxes from the drop down list on the inbox page in the Portal and select the Advanced Inbox Settings option. To remove a setting, simply clear the appropriate field. Note that each inbox has its own unique settings, so you can set up different inboxes for different tasks.

Basic Options

Forward To Email Address

This is fairly self explanatory - enter an email address and when you receive a message through that incoming route, you will receive an email with all the information about that incoming message - the message body, the inbox it arrived at, and the number that sent it.

Forward To Mobile Phone

In this instance, the message will be forwarded to the mobile number you enter, as if it came direct to your phone from the sender - so if 07912345678 sends a message to our system with the keyword of SMS95, for example, you would receive that message from 07912345678. Message forwarding will charge you per message sent at your tariff rate.

Automatic Reply

When a customer texts in, you can have the system send them an automatic reply to acknowledge the receipt of their message. Simply enter the message body here and a reply will be sent to the customer who texted in. Automatic replies will charge you per message sent at your tariff rate.

Advanced Options

Add Replies To A List

Enter a list name here, if a user texts in to this inbox, their number will be added to that list (and if the list doesn't exist, it will be created). This allows you to create a subscribe option - "to subscribe to our SMS news, text SMS95 and your name to 60075". It is recommended that you include an auto-reply with a subscribe option, to let customers know that their request has been received.

Treat Replies As A Stop Request

Opt-outs are very important (more info) - and you can use an inbox to treat all replies as stop requests. If you check this checkbox, any message received will be added to the stop queue and the number that sent it will be stopped in your account.

Forward To An API

For advanced users only, this option can be used to forward any replies to an API or catching page in your own website or application for your own automatic processing. For more information on Inbox API Forwarding, please read this article.

Generate And Send A Link

Tracking links are one of the most powerful features in TextGoto, and this option allows you to generate those links in response to an incoming message. This could be used, for example, to send a customer an eVoucher when they send FREECOFFEE to 60075. That voucher could then be scanned using our eVoucher scanning and tracking app. Using links in this way allows you to offer direct incentives for potential customers to subscribe to your marketing lists. Automatic replies will charge you per message sent at your tariff rate.