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Basics: Sending A Message

Tagged with basics, quickstart, sending
by Paddy Green
in Documentation

17-Jul-2015 17:51

Once you've uploaded your number list, you'll want to send an SMS to that number. We won't worry about any of the advanced stuff in this document, just the basics of sending a simple SMS of normal length to a list of numbers.

If you haven't uploaded a list yet, read Basics: Uploading Numbers

Sending a message to a list couldn't be easier, just click on the Send icon (it's the little phone). There's plenty here that you don't need to worry about for now. You can ignore the option of lists and views (you want lists), you can ignore the stuff about inserting links (though links are pretty awesome. You can even ignore the option to schedule your message. Right now, you just want to send your SMS.

First, select the list you uploaded from the drop down list - this is the set of numbers you're going to send your message to.

The most important thing here is the message itself - type your message (up to 160 characters, though we can handle more) into the message box. Be wary if you copy the text in from word or some other rich text environment, this can generate unwanted and unusual letters and symbols that may not get sent!

There, pretty simple! Now just click "Send My Message".

Now, you'll see the confirmation section. You can enter more data about the business sector and type of your message - but you can ignore this for now if you like. You may receive various notifications about your message, just read them and they will explain anything you may need to do. At the bottom of the page you will see a summary of your send, showing the message you are going to send, the list you will send to, how many messages that is, and an estimate of the final price. This price is estimated because some of your numbers over time may receive stop requests.

If you're happy with your message, click "Confirm And Send". Your send request will be queued in the system. You can see how your send is doing by looking at the Action viewer (click the little brown book icon in the menu).