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3 SMS Ideas That You Should Try!

Tagged with Bulk SMS, SMS Ideas
by Chris Smith
in Blog

17-Mar-2016 10:53

In today's environment it can be difficult to come up with ideas and campaigns to use in your SMS marketing. That's why we are here, to help shed some light on some ideas which have created all kinds of wonderful results... perhaps you already know some of them!

Reach out, using SMS

SMS has seen a wide increase of use over the 25 years since its initial conception, and many uses currently exist. Some of these main uses include:

  • Marketing
  • Updates to customers
  • Invoice/mail confirmation

Why not get started on utilising SMS today and discover more uses for this amazing service?

Think outside of the box

In 2013 a user from Reddit utilised a local SMS service to provide a unique and quirky service, the user called this service'Boredom Relief'. This service went viral in its first month of operation, attracting more than 30,000 sign-ups in that month.

Strangely enough, this service only provided a very basic function. The service began when a registered number, texted the word "HELP" to it, upon receiving this message. The service would send texts and emails to the user, containing the Eight most popular images on Reddit for that day.

This serves as a prime example of the power of SMS Marketing, when combined with new and exotic ideas.

Inspire and Create Interest

SMS marketing can be a great way to create engaging activities for customers, let's take Coca Cola as an example.

In 2015 Coca Cola ran an experiment. They printed a code on their bottles which a customer could then send to a special receiver number. Upon successfully sending the code, the user would be automatically entered in, for a free prize pool at the end of the promotion. This project ended up as a massive success and led to a huge increase of sales of Coca Cola for the first three campaigns (ran over a 12 month period).

In conclusion

We have looked at how different ideas have achieved great results individually in their own unique way. Some businesses may find that the 'Reddit' users approach of utilising something entertaining, to then market for their own purposes is the best way of achieving their goals. But ultimately each approach works best for varying types of business, and some may find a more 'traditional' use of SMS more appealing and effective (similar to Coca Cola's campaign).

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