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Clear Desk and Screen Policy

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

02-Apr-2019 13:10

When we run GDPR training courses the mention of a Clear Desk policy is often met with howls of laughter, finger pointing, and insults aimed at the boss. When we then show photos of badly managed desks we always get cries of ’that’s just like [put a name here]’s desk’.

However, having a clear desk could be considered as your first line of defence. If you have locked away all your sensitive information, there is then little chance of a random person spotting all the sensitive personal information you have on your desk or inadvertently removing it and having it somewhere else. Keeping your desk clear is difficult, I totally accept that, but what excuse are you going to have if you suffer a data breach due to you just not locking away your files. Don’t take the risk. Pay attention to your Data Retention policy and get rid of anything you don’t need to keep, then lock away anything that you need to retain.

Take a look at your desk now! Look at those piles of files, that note pad and the info on your whiteboard.I bet you have personal information lying around that you really should be locking away. Don't take the risk. We have updated our Clear Desk Policy. This document is not in every pack so you might not have this in your set.This is a pretty simple policy but clear desks and clear screens are an important part of your overall security policy.

Please let us know if you would like a copy and we’ll send one right over.

Good luck all!

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