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Compliance Is Important, But Nothing To Be Scared Of

Tagged with compliance, ico, asa, phone pay plus, regulators
by Adam Brogden
in Blog

04-May-2016 10:37

Here at TextGoto we take compliance seriously. Compliance refers to our obligations under the Data Protection Act, Phone Pay Plus, the Advertising Standards Authority and other related regulators and authorities. Our compliance approach is designed to protect you and us. Our aim is to ensure that your SMS campaigns meet the standards imposed by these regulators and to help you avoid the stress and disruption associated by investigations and action by the regulators. By keeping you safe we ensure that you remain a customer and keep running your SMS campaigns.

The most important regulator is The Information Commissioners Office. This regulator is concerned with data protection - put simply this is your obligation to ensure you protect personal data and also ensure that you have the appropriate permission to send SMS messages to those customers. It is important that you visit their web site and understand how these regulations effect you. This is your responsibility, not ours, and you will be accountable for any breaches of these regulations. But don't be put off - these rules are pretty simple and the ICO are always happy to help if you need advice. Visit: for more information. You should refer to the PECR rules and look in detail about opt-ins.

Phone Pay Plus regulate premium rate services and as such should not effect our customers. We don't offer any premium SMS services so these rules normally will not apply. However, our standard number is 07860018927 - messaging this number costs your normal network rate. You can be confident that anyone replying to the 07860018927 shortcode is only charged their standard network rate. This can vary but this is a 0p shortcode so we don't ever charge them. Look at: for more information.

The Advertising Standards Agency may also be worth a visit. Just be careful with the content of your messages - don’t promise impossible deals or unavailable offers. Your promotions must be accurate and genuine. Check out: for more information.

In addition to these regulators we have our own compliance processes. We will regularly request opt-in information for numbers used in your campaigns. This is to ensure that you are able to provide these should the regulator require it. This is good insurance for you. The opt-in information should be readily available from your data supplier, if they don't provide it quickly then you really need to find a different supplier. Call us anytime if you need help in this area. The ICO would advise that you ensure you have the full opt-in details for every number you ever use before you send the messages. This is good practice. Some data companies don't like to provide the details - we would suggest you find one that understands the importance of this and is willing to co-operate. We will also ask you to complete your registration details so we can contact you if we need to. We may also periodically ask you to re-confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions - this is in your interests. Don't forget that we are obliged to pass on your details should we be requested to do so by the regulators and other authorities. The best way to avoid issues is to understand these regulations and ensure your activities are always compliant.

Finally, our compliance team is always happy to help if you are unsure. Don't be scared by our compliance approach - the regulations are pretty simple to understand and comply with. Just remember that it is your responsibility to make sure you understand all regulations that affect you and your business. You are responsible at all times for the content of your message and the number lists you use but call us anytime if you need help… we are always here!

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