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Contact Tracing - How to avoid fines.

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

31-Aug-2020 16:42

The ICO has published guidance for businesses that now collect personal data for contact tracing purposes. Many businesses are now collecting more personal data than ever before and are struggling with how to keep this data safe, or question if contact tracing data has to be compliant with the GDPR. Even in these uncertain times, businesses must be compliant with the GDPR to avoid fines.

The ICO recommends that businesses limit the amount of data they collect to the absolute minimum. This could be the customer's name, phone number, address and the time and date of their visit. Data such as their work address or health data may be seen as unnecessary and therefore a breach of GDPR.

It is also recommended that this data is only visible to a small amount of staff, and is not accessible to customers. This means that the contact tracing form should be kept out of sight from visitors in a safe location.

We also advise that businesses limit the amount of time they store the contact tracing data for. Storing data for a long amount of time without proper reasoning is a breach of the GDPR. Most businesses keep the data for 21 days before disposing of securely.

We recommend that all businesses read the ICO guidance for contact tracing. We understand that this will be new to many businesses, so we're also on hand to help.

Our experts are ready for your questions. Email us at: or call anytime on: 01772 217800

Remember, the deadline for having EU Representation is coming closer. Check out our new website to ensure your business is fully GDPR by the end of the transition.

Good luck all.

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