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5 Simple SMS Marketing Tricks To Boost Your Sales Today

Tagged with ROI, sales, strategy, SMS, tips and tricks
by Paddy Green
in Blog

10-Mar-2016 19:14

As we've discussed before on this blog, SMS holds a unique position in the world of marketing technologies - it reaches your customers directly and individually, and is present on any phone handset you care to mention. If you're not using SMS as part of your marketing strategy, you need to ask yourself why. If you ARE using SMS already, here are five great tricks to boost the response to your SMS campaigns.

1. Personalise Your Message

If you choose an SMS platform that supports data merging, and you have the names of your customers as well as their mobile numbers, make sure you take advantage of the chance to personalise the message just for them. It might not seem like much, but including your customer's name in the message can have a direct impact on their choice to interact with your offer.

2. Provide Richer Content

When marketing via SMS, use the text message as a springboard to richer content by including a link to mobile web page. Even a small micropage can offer your target market a real opportunity to engage with your product or service.

3. Track Interactions

The capability to add tracking links to your messages can help you identify "clickers" - these are the phone numbers that have interacted with your SMS by clicking the link. A good list of engaged clickers is an essential tool when it comes to converting text marketing into sales. Your clickers list is a goldmine of customers who have developed a real affinity with your brand.

4. Make An Offer They Can't Refuse

It may seem obvious, but if you offer your SMS customers a special deal or a freebie in return for their interaction they will quickly create positive associations with your brand and your SMS marketing. Consider sending a one time code that can be scanned or entered online for bonus offers - not only will it get those customers engaged, it also makes it easy to identify those responsive customers for remarketing.

5. Identify Yourself Clearly

Use custom sender IDs (also known as originators) to really make an impact - the moment the customer receives your message they'll know who it's from, and if you're a brand known to them this will catch their eye and their interest.

If you employ these strategies in your use of SMS for marketing, you can immediately increase engagement with your business, and increase your sales accordingly. TextGoto offers all the tools you need to implement these methods and a lot more besides.

Paddy Green is the technical director of New Marketing Systems, who operate the hugely popular TextGoto SMS platform. He lives and breathes SMS, and spends a lot of his day coding new toys to use SMS in new and exciting ways.
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