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Free GDPR Downloads. Fact Or Fiction?

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

30-Nov-2018 13:46

GDPR was launched onto companies with little warning and little support or guidance for those affected. Since GDPR compliance is required by any company that processes personal data it pretty much means that GDPR applies to everyone.

GDPR is like a new tax. A new form of Corporation tax and, as such, many people would prefer to avoid it. Yes, the distinction between avoid and evade still applies. So, is it possible to download all your GDPR documents for free and avoid the GDPR tax?


Thanks and good bye.

Sorry, that isn’t that helpful. The answer is still no though. GDPR applies to you, to your company, to your customers and how you process their data. GDPR doesn’t tell you what you need to do to implement a compliant solution and doesn’t even tell you what set of documents you need. So, unfortunately, GDPR has to be created specifically for you and it is just not possible to download a GDPR solution from someone else’s website and use it on your own. GDPR just doesn’t work like that.

However, you can significantly reduce the effort required and total cost of GDPR implementation by using ready-made templates to at least give you the structure you need and avoid you having to produce the standard policies and procedures.

I am biased of course since we sell these template sets. However, I can absolutely guarantee that by using one of our packs you will massively reduce the time required to complete your GDPR. We GUARANTEE this! I can also tell you that trying to find all the documents you need for free on the internet will take you hours and you are unlikely to end up with a GDPR compliant solution.

So, free GDPR downloads? Yes, you can find them. Will they give you a compliant solution? No, I am afraid not.

Good luck all.

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