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Hot Potato!

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

13-Aug-2019 12:33

As part of your GDPR compliance you really should check that any company you send data to is also GDPR compliant. You can conduct reasonable due diligence to check and have appropriate terms and conditions in place that protect the data of any third party whose details you share. You are not responsible for their GDPR but you have to be able to demonstrate that your took reasonable precautions. Think of this like the hot potato game you played as a kid, or da-bomb if you are slightly younger. If there is an issue with a data breach, you need to be sure you are not the one left holding the hot potato and that you took steps to ensure the data was safe when you sent it onto the third party.

To help you do this we have built a new feature into your Optindigo account. We will conduct the GDPR third-party compliance checks for you. If you are a live customer or subscriber we will do these for free. Simple select the TOOLS option and then SUPPLIER CHECK, fill in the details of your suppliers in here and SAVE them. We’ll get a message as soon as you do this and we’ll start the review process on your behalf. We’ll update you on the same page so you have a record of the checks we have completed.

You can of course do this yourself. Your Optindigo account includes a set of checklists and a supplier questionnaire - you can use these as you wish. We also provide a copy of the standard contract terms you need to have in place with any third party. These are important - do it now!

Hope this helps. We want to keep you safe - we want to make sure you are not the one left holding the hot potato!

Good luck all.

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