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How to Avoid the ICO Fee

We can help you avoid paying the fee!


If you received a letter from the ICO you will probably be as surprised as everyone else! Chances are you had no idea that you had to pay this ICO fee and are now trying to work out what to do. We can help. We know all the rules and can help you avoid the fee if you actually don't need to pay. The letter is not clear and makes it look you you just need to pay. This is not true. We can help. Call us anytime to discuss or take our quick check test at: ICO Registration Quiz

If you are sure you need to pay go to the ICO official page at: ICO FEE

Don't forget that even if you don't need to pay the ICO fee you will need to complete GDPR. Most companies collect, store, or process any personal data which means you almost definitely need to complete your data protection GDPR policies and procedures. We can help with these. Take a look at our low cost packs and subscriptions at: Low Cost GDPR

Good luck all.