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TextGoto Announce The Future Of SMS Marketing. Drones.

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by Tom Morton
in Blog

01-Apr-2016 10:30

How do you make your SMS messages REALLY stand out from the crowd? The boffins at TextGoto have had their noses to the grindstone 24/7 to try to answer this exact question. What is the FUTURE of SMS Marketing? Well, we think we have the answer...


Picture this. You enter your recipients phone number, and next-generation algorithms track the physical location of the target smartphone using sophisticated proprietary track-and-trace technology. Once the target is acquired, the system automatically transcribes the message (up to 160 characters) onto high quality vellum using a robotic quill. The message is then rolled into a scroll, tagged with an RFID chip and rolled to our new drone launching facility.

One of our fleet of 1000 autonomous remote drones will then take a payload of up to 100 messages, and personally deliver them to the recipients. The whole process can be completed in an astonishing 1.4 hours (depending on wind speed and direction).

We're sure you'll agree that this is the most next-level, paradigm-busting, standard-disrupting thing to happen to SMS since the first text message was sent.


This may seem expensive, but picture the look on your customers' faces as one of our drones, each emblazoned with our logo and a large, friendly smiley face (designed by psychologists to put people at ease in the face of a large mechanical buzzing technology that might otherwise seem threatening and frightening) delivers an SMS message in a way they have literally never seen before.

Here at TextGoto we believe that this is the future of SMS, and we look forward to you joining us in our journey to message the skies. Chocks away!

Disclaimer: Our drones are self-piloting, but do explode in rare cases that we will always deny. If you see an exploding drone carrying vellum SMS messages it almost certainly belongs to someone else. Additional transcription charges apply. Illuminated letter surcharges apply. Please check the terms and conditions.
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