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Long SMS Messages

Tagged with SMS, Marketing, Business, Text, Messaging
by Adam Brogden
in Blog

28-Jan-2019 13:17

SMS is traditionally limited to 160 characters and the vast majority of SMS sent are around this number. However, you can send longer messages if you want. You can send messages up to around 600 characters through Textgoto, but you should think carefully about sending such long messages. Firstly, long messages cost more. You should assume that each chunk of 150 characters will cost you one SMS credit. Yes, 150 characters. The SMS system steals a few characters to knit the messages together so you don't actually get all your 160 per SMS. This is not us stealing your characters, this is the network operators! So a 320 character message will actually cost you 3 credits, not 2. Be careful.

The next question is whether you really need to send long messages. Anything up to a few lines is ok, so assume that 300 characters will be fine. But when you start getting to 600 characters, perhaps this is too long. For messages this long you might be better with an email. Your choice of course, but messages that are too long might just get ignored. It may be better to send a tracking link to your website or using our file sending option. The key here is to send just enough text in your message and not so much that the recipient gets bored!

So, long messages are definitely worth considering but not too long! The additional cost might just make the campaign uneconomical and too much content might just make the recipient ignore the message anyway.

Whatever plans you have, please feel free to call us to discuss. We’ve been sending SMS for years and will always try to help.

Good luck all.

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