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Owen Smith sends out text campaigns at 4am

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by Tom Morton
in Blog

01-Aug-2016 15:00

If you were woken up by Owen Smith sending you a text ruining your Sunday lie-in, you aren't the only one. Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith texted thousands of people asking for their support. Unsurprisingly, receiving an SMS at 4am went down like a lead balloon, as Twitter soon demonstrated:

We're sure Owen and his team had the best of intentions when utilising SMS to reach a large number of people hoping to secure some support, and they chose the right technology - looks like they may have chosen the wrong provider, though! Something as simple as a timing error could cost him heavily in the candidate race. You don't see Jeremy Corbyn sending you late night texts like a desperate ex... do you Owen?

While a spokesman blamed it on a glitch, we at TextGoto find this one hard to believe.

“"There was a technical glitch with the system used for sending out messages, which meant some texts were delivered after the intended 8pm cut off,” said the spokesperson. “We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused"

At TextGoto we firmly believe timing is one of the keys to a Text marketing campaign's success. Our experienced account managers will help you plan every aspect of your campaign, including that critical timing for maximum effect. Not only that, but we have safeguards built in to protect you from accidentally sending messages during antisocial hours - which will never go down well with your customers. These features will help save you from very costly mistakes... such as potentially losing the job of Labour leader.

Sending a well timed text campaign with the right message can make a huge deal of difference. Learn from Owen's mistakes. Take time to think of your offer and what time you are sending it. Use our high quality delivery service with the fastest speeds available to make sure your messages go out on time.

Don't gamble with other SMS companies. Give us a call, Owen!

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Our bulk text marketing platform offers full SMS API integration, unlimited SMS throughput, and response management functions.

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