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From the Experts: Top Tips for SMS Success

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

02-Sep-2020 13:29

In an article recently published by Forbes Magazine, they state that whilst many marketers are searching for the newest marketing tool, experts are seeing a resurgence in successful SMS marketing. They found that SMS marketing was successful for two main reasons: 1. Message open rates that can reach 98%. 2. The market is not yet saturated which means it is easy to standout.

More and more people are taking advantage of SMS marketing, so you need to make sure you're optimising your campaigns for success. We've created a list of our top tips for getting the most out of your SMS Campaigns.

  • Short and Sweet.

Customers often do not want to have to read an essay on their phone screens, especially if they think they are being sold too. Make sure your messages are to the point and easily digestible. The average length of SMS marketing messages is 160 characters, so make sure your messages aren't too long, otherwise, you risk losing the interest of subscribers.

  • Time and Place.

You may think it is strategic to send your messages overnight as that means your message is the first thing your customer will wake up too. However, you need to be considerate of your customer base, who may not appreciate being woken up in the night for a marketing message. Being annoyed by the timing of your message makes it very likely for the customer to unsubscribe, so make sure you've considered this when sending your messages.

  • Messages with Meaning.

A high number of your subscribers will likely open your messages. This means your messages need to be engaging, interesting or offer something that your customer would appreciate. You don't have to have reinvented the wheel, but fun and valuable messages are far more likely to be engaged with.

  • Spell Check.

You haven't got a lot of room for errors in a text message, so it's even more important that you doublecheck your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Messages with errors are more likely to be seen as suspicious by your subscribers, so be sure to be extra vigilant when checking your messages.

SMS campaigns are a simple and low-cost way to connect with your customer base. Whilst you are crafting the perfect message, our team at TextGoto are working together with our sister site to make sure you're acting in accordance with the GDPR so you can send with confidence.

Our team of experts are ready for any questions you might have, so get in contact at or give us a call on 01772 217800.

Good luck all.

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