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Steps to GDPR Success - Day Three!

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

10-Sep-2020 16:21

Welcome back to our steps to GDPR success series! Don’t give up - this is definitely worth the effort and you might just be really glad you’ve done this at some point!

If you have completed your GDPR you should use these daily tasks as a way to update your documents and check you have completed everything.

TASK 3: Subject Access Request Policy

So, you’ve given all your staff a copy of their Employee Privacy Policy and they have completed our GDPR/Cyber training. Great! This helps enormously. You would have noticed in the training videos or the training slides that there is a big emphasis on how to handle SUBJECT ACCESS REQUESTS - SARs. Being able to recognise a SAR and understanding how to respond is very very important. The regulations and strict and there are defined timescales in which you must respond. Now is the time to review your SAR process and make sure you understand how to handle a request.

Your staff may also issue you with a SAR, this often happens when a person is made redundant - managing this request properly will significantly reduce the time and effort involved and might just save you from legal action.

SARs are important. Understanding the regulations is important. Responding appropriately is important.

Your mission today is to download the SAR policy and make sure you are happy with the process as defined and understand how you need to respond. Make sure your staff understand what a SAR is and how they need to respond.

If you receive a SAR or need help we will be happy to setup zoom meeting but don’t forget that includes an online SAR Management tool - contact us anytime for more info.

Lots more to follow tomorrow, make sure to keep an eye out!

Good luck all.

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