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Stops Are Important!

Tagged with SMS, Marketing, Business, Text, Messaging, GDPR, PECR
by Adam Brogden
in Blog

22-Feb-2019 09:20

If you are sending marketing messages you need to ensure that the recipient has the option to opt-out of receiving these messages in the future. These regulations are defined in GDPR and in the Privacy of Electronic Communications Regulations and cover SMS and email in particular. The ICO who are responsible for GDPR and PECR regulations are pretty fierce and failure to meet these regulations will almost certainly result in a fine.

The good news is that this is pretty easy. On email, your email provider will almost certainly include an automated opt-out function. On Textgoto we provide a number of ways for you to do this depending on whether you use the senderID function. Just to be clear, the sender ID is the name that is displayed on your message. So if you run a nice take-away you might want to send the message from ‘Pizza Shop’, we can setup your senderID for you so the name is ‘Pizza Shop’. This will increase your open rate and hopefully the number of responses you get. However, using the senderID changes the way you receive a stop [opt-out] request.

Here’s a quick guide on how your Sender ID affects your stop requests.

SenderID = Default
This means you don’t change the senderID and your messages will be sent from our default number. In this case you can simply add, ’Reply STOP to Stop’ at the end of your message. Your customers will be able to send STOP and their mobile number will be blocked on your account.

SenderID = Our shortcode
You can use our short code 60075 as your originator. This looks OK on your message but some people don’t like it as they think it is a premium number. We don't recommend this but if you want to use this you stop option is simple. You just add, ‘Reply SMSSTOP to stop’ at the end of your message. This shortcode is free to the user but some networks will charge their standard fee. You need to be aware of this, some customers might complain.

SenderID = Anything else
If you want to change the senderID to your company name, your own number, your company number you can do this. Changing the senderID to ‘Pizza Shop’ [or equivalent for you] works well. The stop [opt-out] option is a little more complicated. You need to add, ‘Send SMSSTOP to 60075 to stop’. This is still an automatic process and works well but is a little more complicated for the recipient. This shortcode is free to the user but some networks will charge their standard fee - you need to be aware of this, some customers might complain.

If this is confusing or you need advice please call us. This is very important and you must be careful.

Good luck all.

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