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Here at TextGoto, we want to keep you informed of interesting ideas, ways to use our product, facts about SMS Marketing that you might not know. Our blogs will present news about the company, marketing tips, coding and implementation ideas... basically whatever we think of. If it's to do with SMS Marketing, it'll be in here.

GDPR How To Avoid A Huge Fine
by Adam Brogden
UBER might just have had a lucky escape. You might not think so but under GDPR companies breaking the rules could face massive fines.

Why Pay More For SMS?
by Adam Brogden
SMS services are pretty much all the same. They all provide the same sort of functionality. So why does the price vary so much?

GDPR Data Migration Advice!
by Adam Brogden
Just about 6 months left until GDPR day. The countdown is really on. Even big blue chip companies will struggle to be ready on time.

by Adam Brogden
You might have spotted a whole raft of ‘certified’ GDPR training courses, although these sounds useful you need to tread carefully.

How To Save Your Data From GDPR
by Adam Brogden
New privacy rules mean that your data is likely to be illegal when GDPR becomes law. Want to know how to save your data?

Are Your Suppliers GDPR ready?
by Adam Brogden
Did you realise that you could be liable for breaches by your supplier? Want to know how to avoid getting fined for their mistakes?

How To Spot GDPR fraudsters!
by Adam Brogden
Under GDPR regulations you will need to verify that your customers are genuine. You may be liable for their misdemeanour!

GDPR Banning Buying And Selling Data?
by Adam Brogden
The latest release of GDPR documents sets out the guidelines for imposing GDPR fines. Want to know how to avoid this?

Is 1p SMS Really A Good Option?
by Adam Brogden
1p Cheap SMS is possible – but is it really the best option for you?

Free GDPR Advice
by Adam Brogden
At last the GDPR message seems to be getting through. There is lots of free info around. Want inside info on the best sources?

Profit From GDPR
by Adam Brogden
Here at Textgoto we are starting to see GDPR as a huge opportunity. Want to find out how?

Is 1p SMS Worth It?
by Adam Brogden
It is still possible to find SMS services for 1p per SMS, but do they actually deliver the results you need?

Be Afraid Of GDPR
by Adam Brogden
There's a lot to be worried about with GDPR incoming. There are many concerns!

Save Your Data From GDPR
by Adam Brogden
Most people realise that GDPR could wipe out their customer databases. You need to act now to save your data.

GDPR will wipe out your data
by Adam Brogden
GDPR day could be disastrous for many companies. All their vital, valuable, irreplaceable data could become worthless overnight.

Is GDPR The Next PPI?
by Adam Brogden
GDPR is approaching, but many companies remain unaware. These companies are sleepwalking into a potential disaster.

ICO Launch GDPR Helpline
by Adam Brogden
The ICO have launched a phone helpline for SMEs requesting advice on GDPR.

GDPR – Low cost Data Verification
by Adam Brogden
Under GDPR you need to have taken all reasonable precautions to maintain your data. Want to find out how good your data is?

GDPR proof your data
by Adam Brogden
ICO have explicitly stated that the data you collected under DPA will NOT be legal under GDPR. Want to know what you can do about it?

GDPR – Is Your Data Actually Legal ?
by Adam Brogden
With GDPR fast approaching you need to be taking action and getting ready for next May. One thing you definitely need to look at is your data.

GDPR- Free Help
by Adam Brogden
GDPR will be here before you know it. There is lots of free advice around and free tools to get you through this.

GDPR – All very late – want free help and advice?
by Adam Brogden
With only a few months to go we are still waiting for ICO guidance on key regulations and procedures.

GDPR Preparation – are you already too late?
by Adam Brogden
GDPR is on its way! Just how much needs to be done to be compliant?

Genuine Offers And Other Stories
by Adam Brogden
Why do people think everything is a scam? What can be done to convince them you're genuine?

GDPR – Time to make your fortune
by Adam Brogden
Some companies will profit hugely from GDPR. Want to know how to make your fortune?

GDPR – Dump All Your Data?
by Adam Brogden
With GDPR on the way, how much has to be done to stay compliant?

GDPR – ICO Fees to increase!
by Adam Brogden
ICO have announced a new fee structure post GDPR.

GDPR – ICO Admit serious delays...
by Adam Brogden
ICO have revealed that the full set of GDPR documentation will not be available until May 18.

GDPR Warning
by Adam Brogden
GDPR has made an announcement.

Social Media Videos – How to...
by Adam Brogden
What is the best way to use videos on Social Media?

Buying and Selling Data in a GDPR Age
by Adam Brogden
How will GDPR affect data collection companies?

Facebook Boosted Posts Don’t Work!
by Adam Brogden
The effectiveness of Facebook boosted posts.

GDPR – New Data Protection Rules…
by Adam Brogden
Changes to GDPR Data Protection Rules

by Adam Brogden
Do clickbait headlines actually work?

The Case For Local Social
by Adam Brogden
The benefits of using Social Media locally

Social Media – The Empire Strikes Back…
by Adam Brogden
Two sides to Social Media Advertising

How Gyms Can Benefit From SMS Marketing
by Nathan Sinclaire
A quick look at the features which make SMS great for gyms

Restaurants Can Receive A Huge Boost With SMS Marketing
by Ross E. Wilkinson
A look at the reasons why SMS marketing is beneficial for restaurants

How SMS Can Help Your Wedding Planning Service
by Nathan Sinclaire
The blog describes how SMS Marketing can help wedding planners

Help Your Tech Repair Business Prosper With SMS Marketing
by Ross E. Wilkinson
A look at the reasons why text marketing is beneficial for Tech Repair businesses

Make your customers happy with SMS
by James Brogden
Check out how SMS can benefit your take away!

How Mechanics Can Benefit From SMS Marketing
by Ross E. Wilkinson
A quick look at the features which make SMS great for mechanics

Recruitment Agents Win With SMS
by James Brogden
How can SMS marketing benefit recruitment agencies? Check out this brief guide to find out!

Benefits Of SMS For Estate Agents
by James Brogden
A brief guide to the benefits of SMS for Estate Agents and Letting Agents

Important FCA Update
by Adam Brogden
New rules from the FCA regarding SMS promotion of high-cost, short-term credit products

Transform your data into profit with Affiliate Marketing
by Tom Morton
What is affiliate marketing? How is it done and can i do it?

How good punctuation can make people hate you
by Tom Morton
Is Punctuation and Grammar important in text messages? Is it the same as writing emails, letters and other mediums?

Owen Smith sends out text campaigns at 4am
by Tom Morton
Owen Smith sends out late night annoying texts. Use TextGoto to avoid the unwanted mistakes that Owen has made