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Here at TextGoto, we want to keep you informed of interesting ideas, ways to use our product, facts about SMS Marketing that you might not know. Our blogs will present news about the company, marketing tips, coding and implementation ideas... basically whatever we think of. If it's to do with SMS Marketing, it'll be in here.

Optindigo Cyber Top Tips - Phishing
by Arron O'Neill
Phishing messages can be difficult to spot, you should not expect people to identify them 100% of the time.

Free Staff Training Video
by Adam Brogden
Staff training is a fundamental part of GDPR. We have produced a basic GDPR staff training video that you might find useful.

GDPR Compliant SMS Marketing
by Adam Brogden
The team at Textgoto has always taken compliance seriously. We understand marketing regulations and, more importantly, understand how to keep you safe.

GDPR Due Diligence
by Adam Brogden
GDPR is not just about completing documents. GDPR is more like a fundamental change to how you collect, store, and process data!

GDPR For Care Homes
by Adam Brogden
GDPR is pretty complicated, however some organisations are more complicated than others. Care Homes are arguably the most difficult organisation of all!

New Textgoto Site Launched VERY Soon
by Adam Brogden
Our new text marketing platform, cunningly named Textgoto 2, is now in beta testing and will go live around the end of August.

How To Handle A SAR Under GDPR
by Adam Brogden
We have noticed a sudden increase in the number of companies receiving a SAR and thought you’d like some clues on how to handle one.

How to be 100% GDPR compliant?
by Adam Brogden
Maybe it’s easier to see the GDPR as a set of principles, or a framework. But how can you be compliant to a framework or a principle?

First GDPR Compensation Case
by Adam Brogden
It has started! A solicitors firm has just started offering a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement for customers affected by the recent TicketMaster breach.

Textgoto GDPR Compliant Text Marketing
by Adam Brogden
This is the only GDPR compliant SMS platform we know about and is the only platform specifically designed to keep you safe

TextGoto Important Update!
by Adam Brogden
Don't Lose Your Data! It is important that you prepare for the migration to TextGoto 2.

Are You Cyber Safe?
by Arron O'Neill
Recent harsh ICO enforcement action on businesses found to be negligently handling personal data, should put cyber security at the forefront of your mind.

GDPR Enforcement News
by Adam Brogden
GDPR is huge, complex, confusing, and difficult. However it is the simplest mistakes that are most likely to result in a fine for you and your organisation.

by Adam Brogden
Ask yourself, if you get a SAR, complaint, data port request, or a request to stop processing could you actually do it? Take this test to check that you really are GDPR ready.

GDPR Compliant Text Marketing.
by Adam Brogden
GDPR is much more than just having an opt-in. Here is a quick checklist to help you!

Need To Send Secure Emails?
by Adam Brogden
Find out more about the importance of email security and encryption.

Is Your GDPR Failing?
by Adam Brogden
Stop what you are doing and try this GDPR compliance test. These are simple questions but failure to meet these basic requirements could lead to disaster.

GDPR Ongoing Due Diligence
by Adam Brogden
GDPR is not just about compliance today. It is more about making data security part of everything you do in the future.

A Guide to Cyber Security and GDPR
by Arron O'Neill
Data security is not something to be sniffed at. In 2016, cyber crime cost UK businesses a total of £29 billion, and affected 2.9 million British companies. Don’t forget you need to complete your GDPR process – this is the easiest of all these things to sort

Cyber Security
by Adam Brogden
We can help you through the GDPR process and with every aspect of keeping your data secure.

Encrypt Your Windows PC
by Aaron O'Neill
Keep your data safe and Encrypt your Windows PC

Protect Your Mac!
by Arron O'Neill
Whether GDPR is on your mind or not, encryption certainly should be. With data security constantly in the spotlight, encryption is a great way to secure your business and its data.

Instant GDPR... Well almost
by Adam Brogden
Are you under pressure to complete your GDPR preparation? Are your customer or suppliers asking you for updates? We can help!

GDPR Urgent Action
by Adam Brogden
If you have just started your GDPR preparations you have little chance of being ready for 25th May! However, all is not lost!

How Can You Finish GDPR Fast?
by Adam Brogden
With less than a month to go some companies are starting to panic! What is the least you can get away with before GDPR?

GDPR and using Social Media to save your data.
by Adam Brogden
Want to know how Facebook could help save your database? Here is a trick that might just save your customer list.

Not Ready For GDPR?
by Adam Brogden
What do you actually need to do to avoid enforcement action? Here is a suggested approach that might just help.

GDPR Help. How To Use Optindigo!
by Adam Brogden
Optindigo is designed to help you get through the GDPR process, but doesn’t ignore just how important GDPR compliance is to you and your company.

GDPR Advice. Gaining Consent and Confirming Capacity
by Adam Brogden
In some cases explicit consent is the most appropriate lawful basis under which you can process a person’s data. This makes no mention of checking that the person has capacity.

GDPR Subject Access Request. The key to GDPR plans?
by Adam Brogden
If you received a subject access request today for one customer, would you be able to respond?

Do You Have To Delete Your Data? GDPR Advice.
by Adam Brogden
The question is whether you have to delete your existing data on the the 25th of May. This is surprisingly tricky and depends on a number of factors.

GDPR Info. How much detail do I need to provide?
by Adam Brogden
We are frequently asked about the level of detail required in our document packs. Don’t panic – many of these documents are templates and require little work.

Using templates! GDPR Help!
by Adam Brogden
Starting your GDPR project can be quite daunting. You’ll probably spend hours reading and re-reading the ICO web site. Is there an easier way?

GDPR Advice. How to do GDPR
by Adam Brogden
GDPR is not about completing 40 documents or reading EU Articles and recitals, GDPR is about you and your business.

GDPR Advice. How long will it take?
by Adam Brogden
We have been asked many times how long it will take for a company to be GDPR compliant? This a bit like asking, ‘how long is a piece of string?’.

GDPR Advice. GDPR is for life, not just for…
by Adam Brogden
Our customers talk about being compliant on the 25th of May but never about what happens next. The 25th of May is the start of enforcement not the end of GDPR.

by Adam Brogden
If you are an SME where can you find advice and guidance on GDPR? There is so much advice about and unfortunately so little good advice.

GDPR Third Party Software
by Adam Brogden
Most big online companies are taking GDPR compliance seriously, so there’s a good chance you will be ok.

How Much Will GDPR Compliance cost?
by Adam Brogden
The headlines and scaremongers will tell you that GDPR will cost you 4% of your turnover or €20M if you don’t do it! This is a serious question for many companies.

How Should You Prepare For GDPR?
by Adam Brogden
With GDPR fast approaching we have noticed a huge increase in enquiries about GDPR. Is there a fundamental flaw in the whole GDPR project?

GDPR Planning – It’s not all about the documents!
by Adam Brogden
GDPR is more about changing the way companies operate than filing out 50+ documents.

by Adam Brogden
This document is provided to help you understand what you need to do to be GDPR compliant.

GDPR Needs To Be Easier To Understand
by Adam Brogden
Over the last few weeks I’ve had countless calls from small companies with a wide range of questions

GDPR Legitimate Interest Assessment
by Adam Brogden
The GDPR regulations are vague. Want to know whether you can use legitimate interest as the basis of processing?

GDPR Strategy Options for SMEs
by Adam Brogden
GDPR represents a huge opportunity but at what cost? Is there a low cost way to implement GDPR?

GDPR Text Marketing Impact
by Adam Brogden
GDPR is more stringent than the DPA but could just represent a great new opportunity for text marketing companies.

Is GDPR Virtual DPO possible?
by Adam Brogden
SMEs and Micro companies are unlikely to have a dedicated DPO. Is virtual DPO the answer?

GDPR For Small Businesses
by Adam Brogden
I think there is a huge untapped market that really isn’t served by current activity. How will GDPR affect small businesses?