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SMS: Custom Sender IDs

Tagged with customisation, originator, sender ID, brand identity
by Paddy Green
in Documentation

24-Oct-2014 00:00

Let Your Customers Know Who You Are

When you set up your TextGoto account, you can set a custom Sender ID - this is what is displayed on the receiving customer's mobile phone as the phone number when the message is received. However, it doesn't have to be a phone number! You can set your originator (up to 11 characters) to be your company name, giving your customers immediate recognition of the source of the message. Here's a rundown of your options when it comes to custom originators.

Default Originator

If you leave your originator field blank, then your messages will be sent from our default route of 60075. You can receive replies that are prefixed with your Keyword, and opt-out requests should be in the format STOP [KEYWORD].

Number Originator

If you have a Virtual Mobile Number, or want to route replies to your own number, then you can enter that number as your originator and customers can simply hit reply directly to that number.

More information on VMNs and reply routes

Text Originator

Sending your company name is the originator is a very popular option, as it immediately identifies you to your customer - you must be aware, though, that this will mean customers will not be able to directly reply to your message - so you must include information in the body of the message offering a reply route if necessary. You can request STOP replies to our default route of 60075, or gather stop replies with a code of SMSSTOP sent to 60075.

It is very important to offer suitable reply routes when necessary to allow customers to opt-out of your lists. For more information, consult the articles below:

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