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General: Data Retention In TextGoto

Tagged with data, retention, account history
by Paddy Green
in Documentation

15-Jul-2015 09:37

Here at TextGoto, we want you to be able to get results fast - with that in mind, we have certain data retention policies. Don't worry, they're not terribly complex, and in fact we can sum them up in one line:

TextGoto keeps your data accessible for 30 days*

Your send history and received messages will be held in the system as live, accessible data for 30 days. If you wish to access your data beyond that period, you will need to perform reports to extract the data so you have a copy of it. If you can't find a report you need, then please contact us, we can either show you how to get it or build the report for you.

*There are two exceptions to this rule

  • Action List: Maintains a history of at least one year
  • Numbers/List: Your number data is maintained as long as your account is active. If your account is unused for 90 days or more, we reserve the right to delete your number/list data. We will also periodically remove "orphaned" number data - which is number metadata that doesn't belong to any lists in your account.

We do maintain an archive of sent messages beyond the 30 day window, this is to allow us to deal with any rare enquiries from ICO. These are offline backups, and are not available in the system.