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Inbox: Forwarding Replies To An API

Tagged with inboxes, documentation, api, forwarding
by Paddy Green
in Documentation

09-Apr-2015 00:00

This document is considered Technical, and for the use of experienced web developers. If you are not a web developer, please pass this information on to your relevant technical staff.

One of the advanced inbox options in TextGoto is to forward your incoming replies to an API. This requires that you set up a catching page on your own website that will receive these API calls and perform some action with them.

You can approach this landing page in a couple of ways. The first is to receive the POST variables as we define them:

  • NUMBER: The number that sent the message
  • TEXT: The body of the message
  • SOURCE: The route the message was received on

Alternatively, you can define an API sending address with a querystring, replacing the parameters as you see fit to include the above data:[NUMBER]&base=[SOURCE]&body=[TEXT]

This option can be set up in the Inbox page, under the Advanced Inbox Options for each inbox.