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SMS: Automated Replies in TextGoto

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by Jonny Carter
in Documentation

29-May-2015 17:19

How to setup an automated reply in TextGoto?

First of all you need to know the keyword that your recipients will be required to reply with. When you register with TextGoto you are provided with a FREE keyword to use for your account, you can find this on your account page.

Alternatively you can purchase a more relevant keyword to suit you.

Before we get into how to setup automated responses, you need to understand how to provide a reply route to your recipients and this will vary depending on how you use TextGoto for your sends.

By default all TextGoto users can take advantage of the our free incoming number (60075), take a look below to find out the best reply option available for the way you use TextGoto.

I use a custom originator

Using a custom originator means that the recipient isn't able to simply hit reply, so you need to include instructions within the body of your message so that they know how to reply.

In your message you should include something along the lines of "text [KEYWORD] followed by your message to 60075".

I'm using 60075 as my Originator

Using 60075 as your originator enables your recipients to simply reply to your message, so they can simply reply with the keyword followed by their message, this is the most reliable reply route.

Here's an example of how to instruct recipients to reply when using 60075 as your originator : "reply [KEYWORD] followed by your message".

I'm on a BULK tariff

Users on a bulk tariff have 2 options, they can simply instruct their recipients to reply with the keyword followed by their message (this is not extremely reliable but this is a limitation of the BULK tariff) or they can advantage of the much more reliable 60075 route by instructing users in the same manner as when using a custom originator, here's an example : "text [KEYWORD] followed by your message to 60075".

I have a longnumber

You can receive all replies to that number with or without using a keyword, so you can simply instruct your recipients to reply, if your longnumber is your originator (which is highly advised). If you don't have your longnumber as your originator you will need to instruct the recipient to reply to the longnumber within your message body like so "reply to 07123456789" this isn't ideal though and will result in significantly less responses.

Ok so you're sending messages, and your recipients now know how to reply to you. What next?

Lets take a look at your TextGoto inboxes, here you'll see all your replies for each of your keywords, this is where we can apply advanced settings to each keyword and trigger action, in this case we want to trigger an automated response action for our keyword, so once we've selected our keyword from the drop-down list we need to click "View Advanced Settings for Selected Inbox".

Simply enter the message you wish to auto-reply with into the "Reply" field and click "Save". Now, when a recipient replies, the message that you entered will then be sent back to them.

Give it a try yourself, text your keyword to 60075 after you have setup your reply and you will receive your automated response.

If you want to be really clever, you can request for your recipients to reply with a different keyword when you reply and then trigger a full series of back and forth communication or even setup SMS based surveys.