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SMS: Forwarding Messages Via API

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by Paddy Green
in Documentation

01-Dec-2014 00:00

The Forwarding API

In your advanced inbox settings, you will note there is an option to forward incoming messages to an API. That is to say, you can set up a page on your own website to handle incoming messages, and we can send that information to you when a message is received.

Usually, we will make a POST request to the address that you specify, with the following parameters

NUMBER: The phone number that messaged in
TEXT: The body of the message
SOURCE: The inbox that received the message

If you want to set up your own incoming parameters, you can define your API call address with placeholders in the querystring, like so:[NUMBER]&body=[TEXT]&inbox=[SOURCE]

Please note that the placeholders MUST be enclosed in square brackets, and in uppercase.