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Infusionsoft: Sending SMS From Infusionsoft

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by Jonny Carter
in Documentation

14-Jun-2016 15:37

Integrating SMS messages into Infusionsoft automation campaigns.

Within each Infusionsoft campaign toolbox, there is a function labelled "Send HTTP Post". We can take advantage of this to call the TextGoto HTTP API and send text messages.

To get started, navigate to the Campaign Builder by hovering over the InfusionSoft logo and selecting "Campaign Builder" from the Marketing Section as shown above.

You will now be presented with a list of your campaigns, select the campaign you wish to implement SMS capabilities to

Double-click the sequence that you want to add SMS to

To add the HTTP Post item into your campaign sequence, drag and drop it into the desired location of the sequence.

Here is an example how it might look within your process, double-click this and you will then be presented with a field to enter a "POST URL".

In this field, you should enter the URL shown below (this is the URL of the TextGoto HTTP API):

Below this, you will see another field labelled "Name / Value Pairs", you can add these using the "+" button. This is where we will define the parameters required for our API call.

The parameters are as described below:

This is our TextGoto userid
This is your TextGoto password
This is the message body that you wish to send to the recipient. If you use the Infusionsoft field for message you will not be able to have line breaks in your messages. If you want line breaks you can encode the message into the POST URL.
The UK mobile number of the recipient, ideally you will want this field to be populated automatically from your contacts information, using Infusionsofts merge tags such as "~Contact._ContactNumber~"
Optional This is the originator (otherwise known as the SenderID), this is who the message will appear to be sent from, when the recipient receives the message


If you are merging fields into messages that contain spaces, then the message must be placed as a value pair or it will break the URL when merged