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Zoho: Sending SMS From Zoho

Tagged with zoho, crm, integration
by Jonny Carter
in Documentation

29-May-2015 16:58

Zoho CRM offer a powerful suite of CRM tools to power up your business, and if you use Zoho, you can integrate the SMS messaging of TextGoto into your workflow. Zoho incorporated "webhooks", enabling you to instruct the system to send SMS messages to you or your clients based on events within the Zoho system. For example, you might notify your sales force of upcoming meetings, or let a customer know when an invoice is due.

It's a little bit technical, but here is a brief guide to integrating Zoho and TextGoto with webhooks. If you have any difficulties, get in touch at the usual address

Step 1: Create a webhook

Within Zoho CRM, Navigate to the Automation page by clciking the "Steup" link on the top-right and Clicking the Automation Icon.

On the automations page, select the "Webhooks Tab" and click the "Configure Webhook" button.

Enter a name for your Webhook, our example is going to send an SMS when a new lead is created, so we are calling our webhook "New Lead SMS ".

In the "URL to Notify" field we enter the address of the TextGoto WebAPI which is:

We select the POST method and the Module we are interested in for this particular webhook "LEADS".

Next we need to define the parameters that we are going to send, the TextGoto WebAPI requires the following parameters:

  • u = USERNAME
  • p = PASSWORD
  • n = NUMBER
  • m = MESSAGE

Using the Forms provided we are going to construct our m paramter (our message content) using available Lead Entity parameters within our message. So we firstly set the parameter name to "m" and in the Value Description field we begin to type our message content. When we want to include an Entity parameter we use the fields on the right to select them.

I want to include the mobile number of the newly created lead in my message so I select "Leads" as the module of interest, then "Mobile", I then click on the Insert button and a placeholder variable is then inserted into my message content.

We now need to add custom parameters for the rest of our expected parameters, so we need to add:

  • n = the number which will receive the text
  • u = your TextGoto Username
  • p = your TextGoto Password

Now we click save and our webhook is now ready to be associated with a Rule.

Adding a Webhook to a Rule

Firstly we need to create a Rule, so on the Workflow page we select the "Rules" tab and click the "Create Rule" button.

Again, for our example we want an SMS to be sent whenever a new Lead is created.

You must select a module, the module of interest in our case is "Lead" so we have selected this from the drop-down. Next you need to specify a Rule Name, this can be anything you like, we've called ours "New Lead Created" and we have entered a brief description of our Rule in the description field.

We are now required to select a Rule Trigger, this specifies when to execute the workflow, there are 2 options available, you can execute based on record action or you can execute based on a Date/time field. For this example we know that we want to execute on a record action (we want to execute when the records is created).

You are then presented with some record based actions, we know that in our case, we want to execute the workflow when our record is created, so we select the "Create" option and click "Next".

The next step is to select your rule Criteria, in our case we don't want to filter on any criteria as we want to be alerted of ALL new leads, but you have the ability to specify your own criteria here if you wanted to.

After selecting your criteria, the next step is to add actions to your rule, this includes webhooks. To add an existing webhook to your rule click on the folder icon alognside the "Webhooks" option, find and select the appropriate action and click the "associate" button.

You can now go ahead and save your changes and test out your newly created SMS webhook.