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Slack: Integrating TextGoto With Your Slack Workspace

Tagged with slack, integration, textgoto for teams, sme, business tools
by Paddy Green
in Documentation

30-Jan-2019 14:49
Slack is a fantastic (and free!) platform to enable communication within teams, and we've got built in integration to insert TextGoto into your Slack workflow. You can have received messages and important system notifications appear in your Slack channels, you can track your TextGoto account by talking to our slack bot directly, and you can even send SMS messages directly from Slack! Here's how to get started...
Connecting TextGoto to Slack

This is as simple as can be. Make sure you are logged in to both your Slack workspace and your TextGoto account, then go to the TextGoto account page. About halfway down on the left hand side you will find the "Add To Slack" button, just under the Notifications section.

Click the button, and you'll be transferred to Slack - this will request a bunch of permissions to enable TextGoto to work as a Slack App. Simply click "Authorise". This will create a bot user in Slack called @textgoto, allowing you to interact with TextGoto from the Slack platform.

Getting System Notifications In Slack

While we're still on the account page, you can receive all the system notifications you may receive by email or SMS directly into Slack.

First, you need to select the Slack Channel we'll use to send the notifications to. At the bottom of the notifications section on the Account page in TextGoto you'll see a drop down list with all of your available Slack channels. Simply select the channel you wish to use.

Next, you will need to click the "Slack" checkbox against any notification type you wish to receive on Slack, then select "Save Notification Settings"

That's it, you're done! You'll now receive system notifications to your chosen Slack channel!

Forwarding Received SMS To Slack

You can forward SMS messages received on any of your TextGoto incoming routes directly to a Slack channel (and even use a different channel for each incoming route!). Here's how:

  1. Go to your Inbox page on TextGoto
  2. Select an inbox from you inbox list by clicking on its name
  3. When the inbox contents load, click the "show settings" button if the settings are not already visible
  4. In the "Forward To Slack" section, select the Slack channel you wish to forward messages to
  5. Click the "Save Advanced Inbox Settings" button
  6. Repeat the steps above for each inbox you want to route to Slack

Whenever a message is received in one of the routes you've set up, the message will be forwarded to the appropriate Slack channel - and the quicker you know about the message, the quicker you can respond! We also recommend setting up an auto-reply on your incoming routes to immediately engage with your customers.

Talking To The TextGoto SlackBot

You can talk to the textgoto Slackbot by simply referring to @textgoto in a message in Slack, or by opening the messaging channel for the TextGoto slack user. Try asking it for your current account balance, or if you have any messages scheduled in the future.

If you try to talk to @textgoto in a #channel that the bot is not a member of, you will be asked to provide permission for it to join the channel.

Sending SMS Messages From Slack

Sending a single message from Slack is super-easy! Just ask our slackbot, who is waiting to send your message. If you are in a general slack channel, just type:

@textgoto SEND message text TO number

If you're in the app direct chat, it's even easier:

SEND message text TO number