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Features: AffNet

Tagged with affiliate, marketing, sms, revenue generation
by Paddy Green
in Documentation

19-Jan-2016 11:00

AffNet is a revenue generating opportunity for all our customers. It allows you to leverage the value of your data by sending marketing messages from carefully selected products and services to your customers. We provide the products and SMS platform - you supply the data and buy the send. If you have verified lists of mobile numbers then you could be making money today!



AFFNET is an affiliate marketing platform - affiliate marketing can be complicated and difficult to setup. AFFNET take away all the pain and makes the process of generating profit from your data simple and fast. We give you lists of the current offers - you select the offer and send to your lists. You monitor the profit in real-time. Simple!


As an existing TextGoto customer then this could not be easier. Just select the offer you want to try; select the message you want to send; and then send the message to you list. Very easy - very fast. Get live today.


The TextGoto team are here to help. If you are new to affiliate marketing then just give us a call and we will teach you everything you need to know. All free of charge and always friendly. Call us now for more information.

Using AffNet is simple, just follow the steps below:

1. Apply to join AFFNET - make sure you read the terms and conditions
2. Wait for your account to be approved - why not call us to discuss your plans and get inside info on the best offers
3. Select the offer you want to send to by comparing the commission and choosing the offer most likely to appeal to your number lists
4. Decide which message to send
5. Buy credit on TextGoto and send your messages, charged at your normal tariff
6. Monitor your commission and profit online
7. Receive your payment direct to your bank

AffNet is a great opportunity to monetise your data - contact us now for more information and to sign-up. You don't need high volumes of data, any carefully selected offer can make a profit - don't miss out, contact us today. Terms and conditions apply to this offer.

There are some important rules to bear in mind:

1. NO SPAM - we have a strict anti-spam policy. You can only send messages to numbers that you own and where you have explicit agreement from those customers to send them messages. We will check that our anti-spam rules are being observed and apply immediate sanctions if we suspect spam activity.

2. APPROPRIATE OFFERS - you should only send offers that are relevant and of interest to the recipient.

3. DON'T BE ANNOYING - we limit the number of messages you can send to each number to avoid annoyance.

4. NO FRAUD - we carefully monitor accounts to avoid illegal and fraudulent activity. Any evidence of fraud will result in immediate sanctions including loss of all revenues.

5. BETA LAUNCH - This is a beta test launch limited to a small number of users. We reserve the right to terminate or amend the terms of this launch at anytime.

6. RISK - Offers are contingent on your customers following the links and engaging with the products. Check the conditions of each individual offer carefully.