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SMS: Line Breaks

Tagged with line break, carriage return, sms
by Paddy Green
in Documentation

20-Aug-2015 12:46

When you're presenting information in an SMS message, a line break can be very useful to highlight key facts, or to format data like addresses or lists. TextGoto supports line breaks in your messages. For example, the following message:

Thank you for your order of crispy duck pancakes, beef chow mein and prawn crackers. It 
should be with you in 30 minutes!

This is more legible as follows:

Thank you for your order!

Crispy Duck Pancakes
Beef Chow Mein
Prawn Crackers

Delivery: Approx 30 mins

To put a line break in messages in the Send and QuickSend tools, simply use the enter key to create the line break, and this will be honoured in the message.

There are a couple of points you should know about line breaks, however:

  1. Most, but not all handsets support line breaks
  2. To create a space between lines in your message, you will need two line breaks
Advanced: Line Breaks In The API

To send line breaks in the XML API, you will need to use a newline code "\n" where you want the line break to go.

To send line breaks in the HTTP API, any line breaks should be encoded when you HTML encode the message - however, if you are building the message yourself you will need to use a "%0A" to represent a line break.