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SMS: Long Messages

Tagged with long messages, 160 characters, merge
by Paddy Green
in Documentation

29-May-2015 14:48

You can do a lot with 160 characters, but sometimes you want to send a text message with a little more information in it. TextGoto supports long messages up to 612 characters long.

Charges For Long Messages

Long messages are charged as if they were multiple messages, depending on the length. For a message under 160 characters, you will be charged for one message. For a message OVER 160 characters, you will be charged one message per 153 characters. This is because the SMS protocol uses seven invisible characters to join the messages together. So, if you send a message of 200 characters, you will be charged for 2 messages.

  • 1-160 characters: 1 message
  • 161-306 characters: 2 messages
  • 307-459 characters: 3 messages
  • 460-612 characters: 4 messages