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TextGoto is an easy-to-use SMS platform with advanced features and built in GDPR compliance. Send individual messages, huge campaigns, or use our API for automated messaging with the confidence that comes from working with a GDPR compliance company. Worried about fines and enforcement action? We can help.

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With TextGoto you simply purchase the credit you need, upload your lists, and start sending! We have all the tools and features you would expect from a top flight SMS messaging system. Sign-up now.

100% GDPR Compliant System

The team at TextGoto has many years experience in text marketing and data protection regulations, we understand GDPR and how the ICO operate, we can help you ensure your marketing meet the GDPR regulations. Textgoto has been developed specifically to meet GDPR requirements and to help ensure your text marketing campaigns are GDPR compliant. We can help with all aspects of your text marketing SMS campaign. Talk to us now.

We are committed to data privacy and GDPR compliance. Our aim is to help you become GDPR compliant if you need to and most importantly to keep you GDPR Safe. Along with our sister site Optindigo, we can help ensure your text marketing campaigns are always 100% GDPR compliant.

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Textgoto is built with GDPR in mind. We will help ensure your Privacy Policy and other GDPR documents are in order, check your contracts with any third-parties, and even help you audit your data if you need. Our dedicated Compliance team will ensure you follow the rules and keep a detailed audit trail of your activity just in case you need to respond to any ICO complaints. Textgoto can help keep you GDPR Safe and defend you from enforcement action and punitive fines.

We will complete our own due-diligence to verify your identity and perform regular compliance checks on your campaigns to make sure you are sending what you should, and to people who you have the right to send to. Textgoto has GDPR compliance built in.

You can register a free account today and receive our "Guide to Safe SMS Marketing In A GDPR World"
* for more advice on GDPR and your company, visit our sister site Optindigo: The GDPR Company
Our GDPR Compliant Approach
Help With GDPR?
Need help with GDPR? Check out Optindigo and give us a call. We can help you through the GDPR process quickly, easily, and for less than you think. You will need to demonstrate that you are GDPR ready before we allow you to send SMS on our platform. If you are not GDPR compliant we can help you by providing policy templates and the contracts you need to send with confidence. Call us now for more info.
How can Textgoto help?
We have worked with many companies and understand GDPR and more importantly how companies can stay GDPR Safe. We have embedded GDPR compliance and due-diligence into our new platform and have a dedicated team of compliance experts to monitor what you do and ensure you stay within the rules. This might sound draconian but we have worked with the ICO and understand how to help you avoid enforcement action.
How it works
Compliance starts when you first sign-up. Our Contract and Privacy Policy are GDPR compliant - this is important to both of us, you should not send SMS through any platform that is not GDPR compliant. We will help you verify the source of your data and ensure you have appropriate documentation in place. Once you are live we will work with you to ensure you remain GDPR compliant. This process is designed to keep you safe - why risk a huge fine and enforcement action?
Consent Management
This is absolutely the most important consideration. Are you 100% sure you can demonstrate that you have a lawful basis for storing. processing, marketing to that data? Need help - talk to us. Sending spam SMS will almost undoubtably lead to a fine and enforcement action. Don’t take chances - think very carefully about using third party or bought-in data. We can help you check if your data is GDPR compliant or verify any the validity of your source.
Ongoing Compliance
The dedicated compliance manager at Textgoto has many years experience of text marketing, data protection, and now GDPR. The compliance team will be reviewing your account, auditing your sends, and letting you know if you need to make any changes to your campaigns. They will also help confirm you have a lawful basis and confirm you have valid consent where required. These people are here to keep you GDPR Safe and might just save your skin if you get a complaint.
What Next?
If you are looking for a GDPR compliant text marketing platform then go ahead and setup your account now. We’ll be in touch to discuss your plans and complete our own due-diligence. We will use all our experience to help keep you GDPR Safe. In our opinion there is no option - the risk of receiving a compliant is too high and the consequences dire! Why take a chance? Talk to us - we believe we are the only text marketing platform designed around GDPR and built on GDPR compliance.