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Email: Managing SMS Via Email

Tagged with email2sms, sms2email, transactional sms
by Paddy Green
in Documentation

23-Apr-2015 10:08

In TextGoto, it's possible to entirely manage a transactional flow of SMS between your customers and your TextGoto inbox(es) using your email. This can be achieved by using a combination of two tools: SMS2Email and Email2SMS. By activating both of these options on your account, you can easily receive and respond to customer SMS via your email client.

To set up SMS2Email, you will need to change the advanced settings of your inbox, so that it forwards any SMS received on your shortcode to your email. To set this up, simply follow the instructions for Advanced Inbox Settings

Next, you'll want to set up Email2SMS, to allow you to respond to incoming messages. Follow these instructions to get that set up.

With those two systems in place, you will now receive email messages from special TextGoto email addresses, in the format of [phone number] - so all you have to do is hit reply and you will send your message to that number!

Important Notes

When replying via Email2SMS, you should ALWAYS end your message with a # (hash) character. Don't worry, this character won't appear in the message you send. This will let the system know that your message ends there, and means you won't accidentally send an long SMS with your email footer or signature in it - this could increase your charges per message significantly!

For your customer to reply again to the message you send, you must make sure you include proper reply information in your messages. If you are on our default route, you can set your originator to DEF, but replies must begin with your keyword. So, you just need to make sure their replies begin with SMS164 (if that's your keyword), for example. Remember, if you want a direct route, we can provide you with a VMN (Virtual Mobile Number) that you can use for all your messages, check our prices to find out more.

If you have any queries or problems with these features, please contact support, we're always happy to help.