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Basics: Your New TextGoto Account

Tagged with introduction, new account
by Paddy Green
in Documentation

24-Jun-2015 12:30
Welcome to TextGoto!

Congratulations! You've made the fantastic move of signing up to TextGoto for your SMS marketing needs! Before you dive in, there'a a few useful things you should know.

Your New Account

Your new account starts on our standard settings, this means:

You're initially on our Gold tariff: we recommend you take a look at our pricing page to find out more about the tariffs and their capabilities. If you need to change your tariff or have any questions, simply email us at or use the handy chat widget to get in touch.

You can't yet change your originator: Your originator (or Sender ID) is how you appear on your recipient's handset, and you can find out more in this article. However, when you have a new account you can't change this yourself, but all you have to do is let us know, again simply email us at or use the handy chat widget. Once your account gains trusted status you'll be able to change your originator whenever you wish.

Your payments will need approval: As part of our PayPal fraud prevention measures, any new payments into the system will be subject to approval by our team. This usually happens very quickly, and we may need to call or email to help verify your identity. Like originators, once your account gains trusted status your payments will be automatically approved. If you have a payment that you need to get onto the system urgently, email us at or use the chat widget.

Your account starts in BASIC mode: TextGoto is absolutely brimming with features, so when your account is new, we put it in basic mode so that you don't get overwhelmed with the possibilities. It's very easy to access the full power of TextGoto though. On your dashboard, you will see a link under your name to switch your account into advanced mode. This setting can also be changed in your account page.

Other account settings: Once you are up and running, you might find you don't need the explanatory text on every page - you can turn off tips and extra information by turning them off in your account page. Just uncheck tips mode and verbose mode to streamline your TextGoto experience!

OK, you're good to go!

Brilliant, we're all ready to get started. If you need any assistance, contact us at any time, and we sincerely hope you enjoy using TextGoto. If you have any ideas or feedback for us, we'd be glad to hear it anytime!