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Portal: Setting Up TextGoto Portal

Tagged with commerical, reseller, portal
by Paddy Green
in Documentation

31-Oct-2014 00:00

What can portal do for your marketing business?

Portal enables you to sell SMS solutions to your portfolio of customers without the technological hindrances! A portal reseller can buy SMS credits and then resell them for a higher profit, without the hassle of maintaining a text- marketing platform.

We’ve made reselling SMS under a private label as painless as possible and quick to set-up and we have the following to offer you:

  1. Customised branding of the user interface
  2. Powerful campaign engine with full reporting
  3. Quick and easy to use platform
  4. NET 30 payments via PayPal
  5. Secure server to keep all your customers' data safe
  6. Technical and after sales support

We have all the SMS technology waiting for sales and marketing companies like yourself to pick up and hit the ground running with. No matter your sales strategy; telesales, SEO, PPC or media buying our white label solutions will be a perfect match for you and your business.

Reseller Commercials

You set up a portal at an agreed percentage of all payments made into the system by your customers, after VAT and PayPal charges are deducted. The most common is a credit price of 5p and a 20% commission.

Setting Up Your Portal

Below is a list all the assets and information we require from you to get your portal account set up.


1. One logo (can be any size, but a minimum height of 160px and an aspect ratio of no more than 3:1 is recommended) - the logo should be a .png with a transparent background


  1. Field description
  2. Name - The short name of your portal (e.g. OnePage)
  3. Title - The welcome message for your portal (e.g. Welcome To The OnePage SMS Portal)
  4. Address - Your mailing address
  5. Phone - Your contact telephone number, so your customers can contact you
  6. Email - The email address you intend to use for support requests
  7. Tariff - You will need to agree a tariff with us - your signups will all use this tariff, and you will receive an agreed cut of revenue based on this tariff.
  8. Portal URL of your portal - this is used to perform the white labeling, and you should modify your DNS to point at our server
  9. Master TextGoto account username that will act as an administrator on the Portal
  10. Originator Default originator of the account, this should be DEF unless agreed otherwise
  11. SMSID Originator for messages sent out of your portal on your behalf (i.e. to confirm signups)


We will need to send email in your name - you should set up an email account for your domain that our Portal can access.

  1. From Name for outgoing emails sent from the portal on your behalf (i.e. to confirm signups)
  2. EmailHost - Hostname of the mail account (e.g.
  3. EmailPort - Port of the mail account (usually 25)
  4. EmailLogin Login ID for the mail account (e.g.
  5. EmailPass - Password for the mail account


Other changes can be made to the styling of the portal (e.g. fonts, colours, other graphical elements), please contact us to discuss these changes.


Can I manage my own customers?

Yes! If you need to alter your customer’s details, you’ll be able to do so from your control panel.

Do you offer any other means of payment?

If you’d like to be paid via BACS transfer, please contact us prior to payment.

Are there any costs or hidden fees to becoming a portal user?

Becoming a user of portal is completely free.

Does portal enable my customers to send outside of the UK?

No portal and TextGoTo only allow you to send to UK mobile numbers only.

Confused or need help? We're always here to help you get started with TextGoto Portal. If you need to contact us at all you can reach us at 01772685583 9am – 5pm Mon to Fri, alternatively you can send us an email at