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Lists: Preparing And Using Merge Data

Tagged with uploads, merge, data
by Paddy Green
in Documentation

24-Oct-2014 00:00

Create Unique Customer Experiences

An SMS will grab your customer's attention a lot more if it has their name on it, so you're talking directly to them. You can include extra data with your numbers, and then use that extra data in your messages in what we call a merge. For example, if you have a list of numbers and names, you might want to include the name in the message you send. e.g. “Hello Paul, you haven’t had one of our tasty pizzas in a while – order tonight for 20% off!” To upload numbers with data like this, you simply extend the header line of your upload file and include the data, separated by commas:

NUMBER,NAME 07111222333,Alice 07555222111,Bob ... and so on You upload the merge data in exactly the same way as you upload a normal list of just numbers, but the additional merge information will be stored against those numbers in your account. Please note that only one piece of merge data per tag can be stored against a number in your account.

How to use your merge data

Once the data is uploaded, you can refer to the "Name" field in your message by including a tag in square brackets, i.e: "Hello [NAME], you haven’t had one of our tasty pizzas in a while – order tonight for 20% off!" - so if you send the message to all of your customers, the name information will replace the tag in each message so that each individual SMS is tailored to that customer. It's friendlier and it's immediately more engaging.