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There are lots of ways to get messages from your customers in TextGoto - in fact, if you already registered your account then you have one already! When you registered your account you were assigned a FREE keyword, allowing you to receive messages on our shared shortcode of 61216. Say for example you were assigned the keyword of "SMS1" - that means that any messages beginning with that keyword that are sent to 61216 will be waiting for you in your inbox on the portal. But your free keyword isn't the only way you can receive messages. Let's look at some other options:

Shared Keyword Incoming Route
Shared Keyword

You can request a different keyword on our shared shortcode, so for example if you run a coffee shop you could request the keyword "COFFEE". In this case, you would then receive any messages beginning with the keyword "COFFEE" sent to 61216.

Shared keyword shortcodes cost just £10 a month.

Virtual Mobile Number Incoming Route
Virtual Mobile Number

We can set up a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) for you, which looks just like an ordinary mobile number. The advantage to a VMN is that you get all messages that are sent to that number, regardless of the keyword of the message. This means you can set up different options for every possible keyword you can think of for that one number, creating limitless mobile campaign options.

VMNs cost just £25 a month, with an initial £50 setup fee. There may be a lead time of up to a week to set up the number.

Shared Keyword On VMN Incoming Route
Keyword On Shared VMN

If you're on a tighter budget, or the keyword you want isn't available on our shared shortcode, you could get a keyword on a shared VMN - this works exactly like a keyword on our shared shortcode, but on a VMN. What could be easier?

This option costs £10 a month, with no setup fees. There may be a lead time of up to a week to set up the number.

Whatever method you choose to receive messages, TextGoto provides lots of FREE ways you can use those incoming messages, including:

  • Automatic reply
  • Forward messages to email
  • Forward messages to mobile phone
  • Add incoming numbers to suppression lists
  • Add incoming numbers to send list
  • Forward messages to an API

You can set these options separately for each inbox in your account, and if you have your own VMN you can create inboxes with independent options for keywords you define.

At TextGoto we understand that your time is very valuable and you may not have a wealth of marketing experience. With this in mind, we offer a managed services across a wide range of features from cleaning data to managed sending from a very minimal price range.

With an individual account manager tied to you we can help you with a number of managed services including Managed Sends, HLRs, List management (See full list)
DATA CLEANSING £5 + £1 per/mb
Let us clean up your data for you, making it ready to load into TextGoto. Representative of file size 10mb price would be £10
Just let us know what you want to send and when, and we'll do the rest. Includes reworking of message content for SMS limits if necessary
HLR £5
Let us sort out your data for you, performing a HLR to cleanse bad numbers - this will also incur an additional charge per number submitted
Lists got out of control? We'll clean them up for you
Get us to mail you the reports you need, when you need them
We'll register and set up your account for you, no problem

If you require another managed service price can be given via consultancy
All managed services are optional and fees will be taken from your TextGoto funds prior to completion
Our managed services can be employed on a PAYG basis, or if you see yourself using our managed service throughout the duration of your marketing campaign we recommend using some of our packaged services rolling contracts
£25 a month
Receive £50 worth of Managed services each month

Recommended for SMEs who want a professional SMS marketing experience and to leave you with more time with your business
£50 a month
Receive £100 worth of Managed Services each month

Recommended for experienced marketers with large lists, leaving you with more time to work on message content rather than list management
£100 a month
Receive £200 worth of Managed services each month

The large enterprise package allows you to receive top of the range managed service

Managed service contracts allow the use of our managed services menu up to the agreed value, any further services are purchased on a PAYG basis from the managed services menu