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So, how can TextGoto benefit your business? Text marketing could help you in so many ways. Whether you are looking for new customers or want to advertise a sale or special offer to your existing customers then TextGoto can help.


SMS messages are the perfect way to promote a new offer or sale. Just decide what message you want to send; upload your list and send your text campaign. It's quick and easy and won't cost a fortune. SMS messages are opened by 95% of recipients within a few minutes of receiving the message. Need to generate interest fast then SMS messaging is a good choice for you.


Want to build a list of your customers names and numbers? Want to be able to send messages to large numbers of people? You need to start to collect data. This data can really help grow your business. The more you have the better. There is a really easy way to collect data. Just create an account at TextGoto and ask us for us keyword and short-code. Don’t be put off by the technology this is pretty simple. We’ll then setup a free inbox for you (e.g. If you are a shoe shop you might get a keyword of SHOE). You then just need to tell your customers to send a message starting with the word SHOE to 07860018927.

“Send SHOE followed by your name to 07860018927 to join our mailing list.”

You’ll then be able to collect their numbers and send them special offers whenever you want.

Setup your account today and give us a call. We have loads of text marketing; SMS campaign; mobile messaging treats in store.