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Links: Using Links To Power Up Your Marketing

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by Paddy Green
in Documentation

24-Oct-2014 00:00

With TextGoto, you can include links in your message to add a whole new level of power and trackability to your SMS Campaigns. Links can be used for all manner of different things, and we'll outline what below, and then explain how you can easily use these features. You can create links in our Portal, then use them in your messages - each link is generated with a short URL to identify the mobile number that link was sent to, so you can not only see that the link was clicked - you can see WHO clicked it, and when.

Web Link

The web link is the most common form of link used in TextGoto - it simply forwards the user through to your website (you can also specify a mobile site if you wish, and we'll detect if the user is on a mobile browser and forward them to that accordingly).

File Link

If you want to include a picture in your message, you can upload that image to our servers. When the user clicks the link we'll send them the file. Other possibilities include PDF application forms, attractive and mouth watering menus, vouchers and coupons... whatever you can think of!

Form Link

We can provide simple to setup online forms for you to link to, giving your users a chance to respond with more information that we can email to you, or even store as additional information with that user's phone number on your account.

Stop Link

You can use our links as an alternative method for your users to opt out of receiving your messages. Yes, you'll be sad to see them go, but sending people messages they don't want is a waste of everyone's time.


You can use the links to send E-Vouchers to your customers, either in the form of simple codes which you can check against our API, or in the form of a QR code that you can scan at the point of sale with our android QR scanner app.

Voucher Scanner

When you send E-Vouchers with a QR code, you can scan them at point-of-sale with our custom Android voucher scanning app. This will give you immediate feedback on the purpose and validity of any TextGoto voucher presented to you.


When 160 characters just isn't enough, you can generate a micropage with your own logo and long message, which includes a call-to-action button and an optional unsubscribe link

How do you do it? Simple!

  1. Links are an advanced feature - to activate these features, simply go to your dashboard and select the link to switch to Advanced Mode.
  2. Go to the links page in our portal to create a link, selecting New Link from the options available.
  3. Enter a link name - you'll use this to identify the link when you put it in a message.
  4. Select a link type and a short URL. The Short URL is the link that will be inserted into the message, along with an 11 character code that will be used to identify the purpose of the link and the number that clicked it (e.g.
  5. You will be asked to enter some additional data depending on the type of link you're creating. Once you've entered that data, you can save your link.

Once a link is created, you can use it in any send to a list:

  1. Go to the send page, and select Send To A List.
  2. Set up your list as normal, but wherever you want your link to appear in your message, select it from the drop down list underneath the message box and click "Insert This Link Into Your Message".
  3. The tag created for the link is not the same length as the final link - the final link will be longer (e.g. "" plus the identifier (11 characters), so in this case 25 characters). Bear this is mind when calculating your message length!
  4. Complete the send as normal, and submit it for delivery.
  5. Our systems will generate and store the URLs for your send and every message will include a unique URL for your link. You can then view information about the link and clicks on the Links page, under "View Your Links".
  6. Every link that you send is live for two weeks.

This is just the tip of the iceberg - in the coming months we'll be adding more exciting features to our link system to allow you to provide rich and exciting content direct to your customers' handsets.

You can perform far more powerful integration into your own systems by using links with our XML API - find out more