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SMS: What Are Opt-Outs?

Tagged with stops, opt-outs
by Paddy Green
in Documentation

24-Oct-2014 00:00

Opt-outs, or Stop Requests are how your list subscribers can notify you that they no longer want to receive messages from you. The provision of an opt-out capability is a legal requirement for marketing messages but fortunately TextGoto makes it easy. With minimal input from you, your subscribers can request that you send no more messages and TextGoto will handle the rest.

Remember the Keyword that you chose when you signed up? Well that can be used by your subscribers to notify you to remove them. If your subscriber replies "STOP [KEYWORD]" (where [KEYWORD] is your keyword), then they will automatically be prevented from receiving any more messages from you. This process can take up to 24 hours to complete.

What does it mean for me?

The most important thing for you is that you must remember to include opt-out instructions in your outgoing message, for example:

Hi! We miss you at Bob's Burgers, why not pop in this week and try our new specials? Reply STOP BOB to STOP

It's important to remember that if you use a text originator (e.g. MyShop) then the subscriber cannot reply to your message. In that instance, you also have to include the number they should reply to. In most cases, this will be our default number, like this:

Hi! We miss you at Bob's Burgers, why not pop in this week and try our new specials? Reply STOP BOB to 60075 to STOP

Manually Upload Opt-outs

If a subscriber contacts you directly, you can add a stop request to TextGoto yourself. Simply go to the upload page and enter the numbers you wish to block, check "Upload As Stops" then upload the list. There is also a simple tool for quickly adding stops for single numbers on the dashboard.

The Emotion Engine

People are notoriously bad at misspelling with their mobile phones, so TextGoto gets a bit smarter. We detect common misspellings of the word stop, and use that to catch stop requests that other services miss. Not only that, our unique emotion engine performs smart content analysis on other replies to detect and stop subscribers who choose a less machine-readable way to express their displeasure.


To reiterate, if you're sending marketing messages you NEED to have your stop information in your message. TextGoto will try to warn you if it thinks you've missed it. If you need any more information or advice about opt-outs and stops in TextGoto, please contact support